Nighlight in Japan
(1987 Groove Mix)

In the wake of over 130 million views on TikTok, Plustwo is back with a brand new single

about the first single…

Plustwo went viral on TikTok in November 2020 due to their first single, “Melody”. In a few days, over 150.000 people filming themselves singing the now-iconic phrase “Cause I know that I want you so bad, bad…”.
The song even made it on top of the Spotify Viral Chart in the UK (November 16, 2020), as well as hitting the same chart in the USA at number 2 a few days later. It also made the top 50 in various other nations, including Ireland, Norway, Russia, Poland, New Zealand, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, and Estonia.

In the wake of their viral hits, “Nightlights in Japan” is an excellent follow-up from Plustwo. This song was indeed composed by two of the band members in 1987, originally released as “Galvanica.” The new version stays true rot the original, using vintage instruments and retaining the charm of the earlier arrangement and vocals.

Italian band Plustwo is fresh from the success of their single “Melody (1983 vinyl club mix),” which went viral on TikTok in December 2020, hitting over 130 million plays on the platform ( date). Now, they’re ready to celebrate with a brand new single, “Nightlights in Japan (1987 tape mix).”
This song is a faithful remake of a song by “Galvanica”, originally created by two members of Plustwo who were busy with this other project

Plustwo was founded in 1983, featuring singing sisters Marina and Antonella Bianchi (AKA Belen Thomas), Giorgio Costantini (keyboardist and producer), and Renzo Zulian (singer and multi-instrumentalist). Not only partners in music but also in life, their interpersonal dynamics are reminiscent of Swedish band ABBA.

Their small label encountered issues with large-scale distribution back in the day and was forced to shut down, leading the band to call it quits. However, the musicians continued to collaborate through the years, achieving success with various other projects.

As time went by, the original masters of “Melody” were lost, and the few vinyl copies available became so sought after that collectors even paid up to $500 for a single original record.

In 2015 Giorgio Costantini, keyboardist, and founder, decided to reunite the band and re-record the songs exactly as they were intended to sound. They carefully re-recorded vocals with vintage microphones and instruments – using the same drum machines and synthesizers featured in the original songs. The mix was also done in such a way that it would be a great blend of old-school and modern techniques.

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Nightlights in Japan (1987 groove mix) // Giorgio Costantini - Plustwo
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